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Always free hands - nothing extra!

  • Single-handed operation. Everything is thought out to the finest detail. Ergonomic arrangement of buttons to allow a single hand control. It is convenient to work at heights - it is attached to the surface with a magnet. Transfer data via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Cables are not tangled, the electronic unit is attached to the arm using a special case. In the same hand - the transducer. Your movements are not constrained! ​

  • Blitz settings. Automatic adjustment of the parameters of the converter on standard samples. The choice from memory of up to 200 operating modes. Saving settings and control protocols - no need to waste time every time. You select the size of the screen. Adjust the brightness depending on the lighting. To understand, you do not need the manual. Not a single extra setting complicating the work! Friendly minimalism! ​

  • Seconds to a report. A unique feature is the preservation of control protocols in the process of working with the A-scan. After completing the work, you do not need to prepare reports for hours. At the time of control, a file is created, which is passed through the application on the computer and gives a ready report. No more scribbling in a notebook! ​

  • Accuracy and visibility. You do the work at the highest level. Envelope function - for more accurate maximum signal detection. Never miss the maximum level value. Convenient and informative - dynamic DVG and DAC curves (ARC). ​

  • "Smartphone-style" software updates. Is it the time to update the software? No need to go to the developer or wait for a week. Truly flexible software - you update the application in a second just by going to Google Play. ​

  • Unique features. The control coordinates that the device creates contain GPS coordinates and electronic digital signature. They can be used to determine whether a specialist was really at the site. You can check your employees and contractors. ​

  • Increased cable life. Located on the side: out of the electronic unit on the shoulder and goes to the converter in your hand. Therefore, it does not interfere with the operator at all. This arrangement minimizes and eliminates cable hooks. Does not get dirty, so it does not absorb contact liquid. 


Clear and intuitive user interface


Dynamic DVG and DAC (ARC) curves, AWS D1.1


Envelope function for accurate maximum
signal determination


Functions of automatic adjustment of transducer parameters on standard samples

Saving testing protocols along with the A-scan

​More details with all the features can be found
in the Velograph II manual

объект 2017.08.02 17-50.png

Order form 200,000 RUB and receive a gift of your choice:

  • additional transducer — 3000 RUB worth .

  • next year muster — 4000 RUB worth.

  • tuning sample — 3700 RUB worth

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